Battlestar Galactica 2 x 04 ws dsr tcm

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica.

Congratulations, Doctor,

you’ve just uncovered
your very first Cylon.

I’m not a Cylon.

This isn’t happening…

I’ve been here for months,

by myself, on the run,
one step ahead of the Cylons.

You’re going out there, or I’m gonna
blow your brains out, right here,

right now.

How did crashdown die?

He gave his life in the finest
tradition of the service.

You have my parole.

When I’m on duty,
I’ll make no attempt to free her,

or sow insurrection
among the crew…

And when I’m not on duty,
I’ll report directly back to this cell.

I have a few months to live.
And in that time…

I will lead the people to salvation.

It is my sole purpose.

As it appears obvious

that the government cannot function
under the current circumstances,

I have decided to dissolve
the Quorum of Twelve.

And as of this moment,
I have declared…

martial law.

You’re sweating.

- It’s hot in here.
- How long have you known…

Lt. valerii was planning to
assassinate Commander Adama?

I had no idea she was
planning anything of the kind.

You were frakkin’ her.

- I ended that weeks ago, on your orders.
- You covered for her, you lied for her.

I admit, i used bad judgment.

You protected her at every turn.

Colonel, I had no idea
she was a cylon.

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