Battlestar Galactica 2 x 03 dsr tcm

This will be Adama’s command,
until the day he dies.

and we are not going to let him die.

What about our people
on the surface of Kobol?

If they’re still alive,
the’ll have to wait.

El-Tee ?

- I think we should double-check
the supplies before we bug out.
- We don’t have the time, Chief!

I could give you a shot,

but you wouldn’t
like the side effects.

Just… do it.

A time is going to come when
you’re not going to be able to

hide what you’re going through.

His lungs are filling up with fluid.
If he doesn’t get more serisone soon,

he’s not gonna make it.


You forgot the medkit so…

It’s too late.

He’s not gonna make it.

I’m sorry, Chief.

Lords of Kobol,

take these brave men into your arms.

Take up–hmf…

Take upon your…
Take into your arms,

the spirits of our fallen friends,

so that they may share
in the everlasting life,

that awaits us all
beyond the vale of tears.

So say we all.

So say we all.

Nothing awaits them.

No eternal life, no damnation.

Only oblivion.

Because they haven’t seen
the face of god, I take it.

Because they died here.

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