Battlestar Galactica 1 x 00 Part 2 English

Battlestar Galactica 1 x 00 Part 2 EnglishResume…
jump prep.

Resume jump prep.

Attention all hands, jump prep underway.

Set condition two throughout the ship.

Set condition two throughout the ship.

-Secure all…

what did you do to my viper?

We wondered why the engine gave out.

We’re gonna have to pull the whole mounting.
Get the high-lift.

I don’t know how you managed
to fly this thing, much less land it.

Not something I want to think about right now.
Where’s Prosna?

He’s gotta get that frakking
gimbal locked or I’ll have his ass.

He’s dead.
Sir, he died in the fire.

-How many did we lose?



-I don’t know if you heard about Apollo, but..
-Heard what?


Any word on Sharon?

No, sir.

You okay, chief?


Get back to work.

Three, two, one…launch.

-Drone deployed and transmitting.
-Now they’ll come find us?

There’s a lot of interference around here.
A lot of noise.

Keeps my wireless from working.

And hopefully, once that communications pod
I launched gets far enough away from here,

colonial ship will pick up a signal
and start looking for us.

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