Brat 2

Brat 2Everything was OK.
He was scoring his goals.

Not long ago the Pittsburgh
Penguins bought him.

But all the money goes to
the account of this American.

And Mitya gets peanuts.

Mitya waited and waited until
he realized he’s been conned.

He goes back to the Ukrainians
but it’s too late.

This American is sort of
a new Al Capone.

He even talks to Mitya through
his lawyer.

And Mitya is a star!

- How much does he owe Mitya?
- 900 grand, US dollars.

What about filing a lawsuit?

He signed a contract! Mitya didn’t
speak English that time.

He thought the Americans are
honest unlike our lot.

- Guys we want some beer.
- Later.

This American has come to Moscow.

Mitya called me last night.

So what shall we do?

I’ll talk to my boss. He’s meeting
the American tomorrow.

Can you talk to the
American yourself? You speak English…

They wouldn’t let me.
He’s a new Al Capone.

What if he never gives it back?

I don’t know…

I can’t let my brother down!

We’re twins, we have always
been together…

It’s been a year since I saw him
and I miss him so much.

And who is this Al Capone?

Come on. He was the biggest
gangster in America!

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