Brat 2

Brat 2Even to San Francisco and back!

We Russians don’t rip off
one another.

Hi, where are you?

I’ve got stuck near Tula.
My car’s broken down!

- How are you doing?
- Fine. Can you drop in today?

No, not today. Call again!

A new Russian. The name is Tartar.

What an ugly mug! They’ve got
all kinds of people in Moscow.

I saw him at the airport.

The dog called me a Nazi collaborator.

Post a round-the-clock
watch at the Metropol

where the Russians hang out.
Remember that hockey guy Gromov?

He came to us before.
They might meet up there.

- And what about this one?
- Throw it away.

Give me the bottle and let see some lD.

I don’t understand
a fucking word.

You’re breaking the lllinois
state law.

You can’t drink alcohol
in public. Your lD, please.

Bullshit. Everyone’s doing it.
Over there by the shop.

Their bottles are in paper bags.
I don’t see them drinking.

But you are drinking in public.
Your passport or license please.

What is the difference?

You are under arrest.

- Give me my passport.
- You are under arrest.

- Accompany me to the police car.
- Fuck you.

- I’m a policeman.
- So am l.

- 101 9. Officer is attacked.
- Quiet.

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