Brat 2

Brat 2Valentin, how are things?

I’d like to congratulate you.
Your partners are serious people.

I received the first installment of money.
Everything goes according to our plan.

Tomorrow I’ll meet with some people.

And we’ll discuss all the technicalities.

Everything OK with you?
Yes, everything’s fine with me.

But you have got problems.

The Ukrainians say
he wasn’t on the plane.

Just like I told you.
We checked the Bald one with the mob.

His nick is Tartar.
He’s a hit man.

Worked in St.Pete.

Last year he bumped off some kingpins

and disappeared.

He was on that plane.

So they’ve hired a hit man
and Bagrov stayed here.

Reinforce my bodyguards! Keep looking
for Bagrov and that museum guy.

Check who he was staying with
in that building

where we found the Volvo
and post a watch there.

Send the Ukrainians a picture
of this Bald one, eh… Tartar.

They’ve got to find him.

What’s the purpose for your visit
to the USA?

New York Film Festival

- Where?
- To Brighton Beach.

- How much?
- 45.

- 45 of what?
- Bucks.

- Can you cut the price?
- I can’t.

This one.


- Brighton Beach.
- Stop yelling!

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