Brat 2

Brat 2What date is it today?


Yes, Belkin speaking.
Hello, Valentin Edgarovich.

We’ve transferred the first
installment of money

to your account according
to the new plan…

Your partner will receive it
in time.

Good, Konstantin Alexeyevich.

Is everything OK?
Yes, thank you.

We hear you’re having

I solve my problems myself.

- Goodbye.
- All the best.

We can’t lose them, brother.

We’ll make it.

Dan, turn off to some quiet place
and brake when I tell you.

Fascist wasn’t kidding.

That’s for you.

Flight to Chicago departs at 9:10 a. m.

You fly to New York
two hours later.

Don’t argue. lt’ll be better
that way.

You buy a car for $500
on Brighton Beach

and in 12 hours you’re
in Chicago.

You return four days later.

Why so quick?

You meet here.

That’s Lake Michigan,
the fourth bridge.

There’s a bench there.

I hooked up Kostya’s cellular phone
to the roaming system.

Take this. Use it
if you have to.

Some 250-300 dollars
are left on it. The pin-code is 3232.

Victor Bagrov, you’re going to
the conference

on new computer technologies
and software protection.

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