Brat 2

Brat 2We need to scram.

Sooner or later they’ll check out
the museum. And the apartments.

- They won’t find yours.
- The cops have got my address.

Let’s go.

Let’s take this one too.
It’s a beauty.

This message is for subscriber 712515.

Irina, call me immediately.

I told you there’s too much heat.

Sit quiet, it’s OK.

Your driving license
and car papers.


She can’t speak right now.
They are shooting a new video.

- Is it a decade pass?
- Hang on…

Yes, it is. I’ll come over.

Where is it?

We’re going to the TV center.

- Have a safe trip.
- Goodbye.


Relax. My papers… are
in order.

Don’t worry, pops.
We’re friends of Ilya’s.

We’ll just take a look at
the exhibition.

They left an hour ago.

Three of them. They took
some kind of a box.

The old guy doesn’t remember
a fucking thing.

Lay an ambush. Start looking for
a white Volvo.

Call the traffic police.
They could change registration plates.

Check out the airlines:
The name is Bagrov, flying to Chicago.

Guys from Aeroflot will tell me, of course,

but other airlines never give out such info.

Get a Duma deputy’s card
or a security service lD.

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